About me.

MA graduate at Politecnico di Milano
in communication design;
previously visiting researcher in data
visualization at Harvard University.

Passionate about using visualizations for discovering patterns in data and communicating information in intuitive terms to a broad audience.

Background in graphic design,
data visualization design, Ux/Ui.

I'm also an illustrator in my spare time.

You can find my illustrations on instagram @flowers.magic.prints and shop them here.


Information Design // User Experience + User Interface Design // Front-end Development // Storytelling with data visualization // Branding

technical proficiencies

Adobe Suite // Microsoft Excel // Invision // Html + Css // Javascript (D3.js) // Python (for data science tasks) // Git + Git workflows

publications/ presentations

Data Driven Journalism "It’s not so Isis. The complex shape of terrorism with its ideological roots, visualized through data" //

Corriere della Sera La Lettura #274 "Ideologies and victims of terrorism" //

Visualized Milan 2017 "Are you sure you want to see this?" Base Milano, Italy //

Wired Italia @ Ford Social Home "Information Design" Milano, Italy //