MA graduate at Politecnico di Milano in communication design. Previously visiting researcher in data visualization at Harvard University.

Passionate about using visualizations for discovering patterns in data and communicating information in intuitive terms to a broad audience.


Information Design // User Experience + User Interface Design // Front-end Development // Storytelling with data visualization // Branding

technical proficiencies

Adobe Suite // Microsoft Excel // Invision // Html + Css // Javascript (D3.js) // Python (for data science tasks) // Git + Git workflows

publications/ presentations

Interactive Data Exploration: "It’s not so Isis. The complex shape of terrorism with its ideological roots, visualized through data"
Data Driven Journalism Website

Data Visualization: "Ideologies and victims of terrorism"
Corriere della Sera, La Lettura #274

Presentation: "Are you sure you want to see this?" Visualized Milan 2017 @ Base — Milano, Italy

Project featuring in the presentation: "Information Design"
by Wired Italia @ Ford Social Home — Milano, Italy