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Moleskine is an Italian paper products designer, manufacturer that is known for its line of premium notebook that have come to emblemize the spirit of creators and adventurers. As a culture intensive brand, Moleskine’s success is built on a precise, comprehensive understanding of its users. The goal of this project is to utilize social media data to produce a segmentation of Moleskine’s online public, to model their communities, and to identify cultural trends as well as patterns of engagement with in these communities. We synthesize and analyze the unstructured social media data of various types and gathered across various social media platforms producing a complete picture of the online presence of Moleskine users as well as Moleskine official accounts.

Politecnico di Milano + Harvard University — 2016/17
TEAM: Marouan Belhaj, Nicholas Hoernle, Weiwei Pan, Giulia Zerbini